HACEP launches new construction project

Project is fourth in last 12 months

The Housing Authority of El Paso (HACEP) has launched its fourth new construction project. 

The Westfall Community, located at 10700 Vista Del Sol, is part of a $1.3 billion citywide affordable revitalization effort. Demolition on the community began Wednesday to make way for a new affordable community.

The project includes the rebuilding of 90 multi-family homes with energy-efficient appliances, new HVAC systems including refrigerated air, landscaping that promotes water conservation and other interior and exterior improvements. The investment is about $18.3 million for the east side neighborhood.

"The demolition of Westfall is also a symbolic as we say farewell to the days of 'typical' public housing," HACEP CEO Gerald Cichon said. " Every project we pursue, whether it is a rehab or a new construction, is done with the purpose of redefining affordable housing for the nation and improving the quality of life for each resident."

The reconstruction project is part of a national effort to revitalize public housing. The Rental Assistance Demonstration Program was established by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

"The whole key is to make sure that the quality of life of these families is increased, and that the life span of these units is also increased so that 80 years from now, families in need will have a place to live," Cichon said.

Other projects underway include the $24 million construction of Sherman Plaza-North in south-central El Paso. HACEP is also nearing the completion of the $13.6 million Krupp Community on the east side and the $20.4 million Tays South Community in the historic Chamizal neighborhood. 


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