EL PASO, Texas -

Tuesday evening, El Paso Independent School District board members got ready to hold a regular meeting.

But outside district headquarters, a small group rallied against the recent $669 million bond that was approved by the board in August.

The group calls itself Taxpayers Veterans and Friends of Education Coalition.

"We feel it is a money grab attempt and we need to stop that today so that we can solve the actual problem," said TVFEC member, Daniel Lopez.

Members say they are a grass-roots organization that is not receiving any type of funding and is wholeheartedly against the $669 million bond for several reasons.

One of those is environmental impact.

"We have Zavala Elementary which is right there next to the bridge and the highway and studies from UTEP professors show that there is a direct correlation from the pollution the kids are exposed to and how they preform in school," said UTEP environmental student and TVFEC supporter Dominic Chacon.

They say with all the spending that has been done in researching the bond, board members should have set aside some money to see how traffic exhaust affects students attending nearby schools.

El Paso Independent School District board of trustees president Dori Fenenbock disagrees.

"I have not seen a verified study that determines that there are issues related to exhaust for Zavala. That school has been there more than 50 years (and) we've had no health issues that I'm aware of," Fenenbock said.

Other members oppose the bond because they say none of the schools in south El Paso are receiving funding.

"Here we are with a 2016 bond and $668.7 million and not one penny is going to our schools in south El Paso," said TVFEC member Arnulfo Hernandez.

Fenenbock tells ABC-7 money was allocated to south El Paso schools in 2003 and 2007, including a complete rebuild of two elementary schools and a fine arts center at Bowie High School. She also said money will go to south El Paso schools if the bond passes in November.

Carmen Aguilera-Goerner, who has been an educator for 35 years tells ABC-7 none of the funding in the proposed bond covers actual education.

"No money is being allocated for the teaching of these students, or the ESL learners or the teaching development for teachers," Aguilera-Goerner said.

Fenenbock rebutted saying, "There is not a more progressive district in the state when it comes to the education of students."

TVFEC members say they will continue to campaign against the bond aggressively through November elections.