Group celebrates National Model Train Month

Model trains

EL PASO, Texas - November is national model train month and El Paso’s model community is holding open houses.

Dozens of feet of rail run through the Railroad Model and Historical Association of El Paso, who are using the month to show off their creations.

With model trains you can't just set it and forget it, they require constant maintenance and supervision.

“This has been under construction, being worked on and under expansion for 10-12 years,” said Harold Halseth.

It’s not just about building and running the lines, working with model trains can teach about history.

“There were several times where there would be two or three of these hauling coal trains that were a mile long,” Halseth said.

They’re hoping younger people find a way to get into the hobby.

“You learn how to lay track, how to put the ballast in, how to put the’s fun, it’s a lot of fun watching things go around the tracks.”

If you would like to stop by the association's headquarters you're more than welcome to any Thursday from 7-9 in the evening, and all Sundays in november after noon. The address is 6335 vaughn court close to Ascarate Park.

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