Green Day fans go to great lengths to score El Paso tickets

EL PASO, Texas - What would you do to see Green Day in an intimate, 1,400-person club atmosphere in El Paso on Wednesday?

One El Pasoan had her waist-length hair cut while another, well, he went to "Fear Factor"-type lengths for his tickets.

The male fan, sporting a Green Lantern ring on his right hand, won a free pair of tickets to the concert on Tuesday morning from KLAQ by dunking his head in a bucket of urine. Warning: Graphic and kinda gross but if you want, watch the video.

"The pee was collected over the last week," said Duke Keith, KLAQ Morning Show staffer. "One of our restrooms is actually on the fritz (a large leak that started last week -- plumbers are about to drive our sales people out of the building), so that didn't hurt. Around 7:30 a.m. Wednesday, a guy will drink various hot sauces while singing American Idiot. We have a couple of sauces that might melt their vessels!"

The pee-drinking fan could have waited a few hours on Tuesday and bought a couple of tickets online when a few went on sale at for the band's concert at Tricky Falls in El Paso. It has been giving the option to buy one or two tickets. Sometimes it is necessary to refresh the sold-out page several times before it gives the option to buy.

HoldMyTicket officials told KVIA on March 1 that the company sold 1,100 tickets on the first day tickets went on sale and that 20,000 to 30,000 people had tried to get tickets.

However, since Monday, tickets have been available sporadically on

Tickets are non-transferrable.

"There can be NO name changes -- the person who buys the ticket MUST be the person who comes to the door to be banded ... ," according to the event page for the Tricky Falls show.

Green Day kicked off a run of club dates on Sunday in Pomona, Calif. The band played a sold-out show at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe, Ariz., on Monday and will play in El Paso Wednesday before heading to SXSW on Friday. A full arena tour will commence in Chicago at the end of the month.

Green Day, known for selling out arena shows, released three albums in recent months but was forced to cancel and reschedule its tour because Billie Joe Armstrong entered rehab after an onstage meltdown in September.

Armstrong and bandmate Mike Dirnt talk about Armstrong's addiction struggles in the current issue of Rolling Stone. Check it out here and here.

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