A kindergartner spent an entire day at the wrong school after getting on the wrong bus in the morning.

Officials at an Schenectady, NY magnet school say the 5-year-old spent a day at the wrong school after a series of mistakes happened starting with the young girl boarding the wrong bus, which was driven by a substitute driver, reports The Associated Press.

At the school, teachers were expecting a new first-grader and asked the girl if she was that student. The girl said she was and spent the day answering to that missing student's first-grader's name and even wrote it on papers throughout the day.

The mishap was discovered after girl's mother called her school to report that her daughter didn't get off the bus that afternoon. The woman called the police who launched an investigation. The girl was found a short time later.

The school district is hoping to avoid future mistakes by looking into their new student procedures.