Get your sandbags

Satellite Distribution Sites will temporarily be open early today in preparation of expected heavy rainstorms. EPWU does not charge for sandbags, but the quantity is limited to 15 bags per visit. Customers that have flood-prone properties are encouraged to be proactive by obtaining sandbags before rainstorms begin. Persons who cannot lift heavy items are encouraged to come with someone who can assist with loading and unloading the bags.

Note: The Stormwater Operations Center hours will continue to remain the same.  Satellite Distribution Sites will resume normal business hours tomorrow, Mon-Sun, 2pm-8pm.


Stormwater Operations Center

4801 Fred Wilson Ave. (map)
Mon-Fri       8am - 8 pm

Sat-Sun        2pm - 8 pm

Keystone Heritage Park

120 Kappa Road (map)
Mon-Sun     10am - 8 pm

Haskell R. Street Wastewater Treatment Plant

913 S. Boone St. (map)
Mon-Sun     10am - 8 pm

Album Park

Corner of Wedgewood Drive and Lockerbie Ave. (map)
Mon-Sun     10am - 8 pm

Mission Valley
Blackie Chesher Park

9292 Escobar Dr. (map)
Mon-Sun     10am - 8 pm
Source: El Paso Water Utilities

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