Funeral services held for Crystal Lugo Nevarez

Funeral services held for Crystal Lugo Nevarez

El Paso, Texas - Funeral services were held for Crystal Lugo Nevares Saturday afternoon.

Her body was found in a Juarez landfill on Tuesday.

Sheriff's deputies believe that's where the 20-year-old was dumped by her husband, JohnnyRay Nevarez, who they believe killed her before killing himself.

Somber family and friends walked in slowly, bringing in flowers for the girl who's life , along with that of her unborn children, was cut short.

"Any death is hard, especially now with this young lady being so young, 20 years old and knowing she had twins," said Operation Hope co-founder Angel Gomez.

The Lugo family knows they won't see their girl's bright eyes and cheer, and it's left their hearts wrenching.

Gomez tells ABC-7, "The mom is grieving the hardest. The father's well, the sisters are doing a lot better today; more so than yesterday but the mom is the one that's taking it hard."

Operation Hope helps the community in times of need.

"At Operation Hope, we try to help people in the community that need help such as medical and funeral expenses," said Gomez.

Operation Hope, along with others, pitched in to ease the situation for the Lugo family.

"Between San Jose funeral home and Operation Hope, we are covering the expenses," said Gomez.

It didn't come easily. They had to try a few times to get Lugo's body back from Juarez.

"They were requesting some extra documents that we didn't have at the time, but they were expedited to them and her body got there yesterday; I would say about 3:30 to 3:45 in the afternoon," said Gomez.

Saturday evening, the family was mourning their loved one in a casket draped in pink, the same color of the blanket that was used to conceal her body before being left in Juarez.

 Burial ceremonies for Crystal Lugo Nevarez will be held at San Jose Funeral home in El Paso's east side Monday at 10 a.m. Burial will follow at Evergreen Cemetery.

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