Frustration grows for residents of Santa Teresa

Frustration grows for residents of Santa Teresa

El Paso, Texas - Residents of Santa Teresa held a meeting to brainstorm over issues they've been dealing with in their community.

"I can't get the trash collection," said Olivia Griffith.

"Roads that are not up to county code," said David De Camp.

"The guard gate lets everybody in and out," said Neil Foley.

These are issues Santa Teresa residents shouted out at a meeting held Thursday evening.

They say they pay for some of those essential services.

"We are wasting are money," said Foley.

Santa Teresa management recently turned away Mesilla Valley Waste Disposal from picking up the trash for some residents.

"The guard gate is open to the public, they let everyone in the world go through and they stop the garbage truck," said Foley.

Residents were told by management it was because they only have a contract with El Paso Waste Disposal. Now residents say somebody needs to step in.

"I'm upset because where's Gov. Susana Martinez, where are the county officials?," said Foley.

"I think the county really needs to take a look at this taxpaying group, We are all homeowners,  we are all taxpayers, we are county residents. Just the same, we vote, but yet we've been totally neglected, told we've been on private property," said Olivia Griffith.

ABC-7  caught up with Dona Ana County Commissioner David Garcia, who represents the district.

He said the problem is residents of Santa Teresa have over 10 homeowners associations, but neighbors don't really have some one to represent them as a whole.

"If you really want to get answers from the County Commission, which is a complete board, then I would encourage them to come and pose those questions," said Garcia.

Some Santa Teresa neighbors said as a group or not they need help bringing the neighborhood they once knew back on track.

"Somebody needs to help us, they need to help us now," said Foley

Property owner Greg Collins was invited to come to the meeting and several others in the past.

Residents say collins hasn't come around in months.

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