Friends Say Handcuffed Man Killed by Cop was Former Mr. El Paso

Bodybuilder had a history of violent behavior, gym employees say

Man shot and killed by police officer was kicked out of gym for aggressive behavior

EL PASO, Texas - Daniel "Danny" Saenz, the man shot and killed by an El Paso Police officer over the weekend was kicked out of a gym weeks ago for alleged aggressive behavior.

Gym personnel at the EP Fitness on James Watt in East El Paso told ABC-7 Tuesday that Saenz, 37, was kicked out of the gym three months ago for throwing weights and flipping over a treadmill. They also said that he was a former Mr. El Paso.

After the incident, employees say they were instructed to remove Saenz's bodybuilding photo from the gym's "Wall of Fame."

El Paso Police said that Saenz was handcuffed Friday night when he became violent and aggressive with the policeman escorting him out of the El Paso County Jail in Downtown.

The policeman then shot Saenz, according to a news release. Police will not say how many times Saenz was shot.

Saenz was taken to the hospital where he later died.

El Paso Police released Saenz's mugshot Tuesday afternoon but have not revealed why he was arrested.

El Paso Police are not releasing the name of the policeman who shot Saenz, claiming the officer has not been charged with a crime.

Saenz has an extensive arrest record, dating back years for violent crimes.

Saenz has been arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, family violence and assault of an elderly, to name a few.

Family members say they are not ready to talk about Saenz's death.

The officer-involved shooting is currently under investigation by several law enforcement agencies, including the Texas Rangers.

Watch ABC-7 newscasts for more information and check for updates.

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