Friends of Jeffrey, Jenna Farrey speak to ABC-7

Friends of Jeffrey, Jenna Farrey speak to ABC-7

EL PASO, Texas - Considering the widespread media attention the Farrey family has received in recent weeks, the general public still knows relatively little about Jenna, Jeffrey or their marriage.

ABC-7's Collin Carroll spoke with a soldier Wednesday who did a tour in Afghanistan with Jeffrey, and one of Jenna's high-school classmates.

The serviceman told ABC-7 that he spent roughly two months overseas with Jeffrey and about two years in his platoon at Fort Bliss. The soldier wanted to remain nameless, but said that from his perspective, Jenna wore the pants.

"He was weak-minded, I guess," said Farrey's platoon member. "But he was a great soldier."

The soldier said Spc. Farrey often fell prey to an unusual power structure come time to clean the company area at Fort Bliss.

"Even though it wasn't his job to do it, because there was lower-enlisted soldiers than him, he would just do it anyway, because he would be pushed around or told he had to do it," the soldier said.

Farrey's fellow serviceman said Jenna regularly came to Jeffrey's barracks when Jeffrey wasn't there -- he said that's against the rules.

"He'll avoid the conversation, or he'll avoid the argument," the soldier said of Farrey.

"Whose idea was it to bury Jackson?" said ABC-7's Collin Carroll to a silent Jenna Tuesday as she was booked at the El Paso County Detention Facility.

The platoon member theorized his own answer based on his knowledge of the Farrey's relationship.

"I know he wouldn't have done it, but I think maybe something happened, Jenna panicked, and just told Farrey to go along with it," the soldier said. "Farrey, he's easily manipulated and loved her with all of his heart. So he was gonna do whatever he had to do to stay with her as well."

But Jenna's high-school classmate said she can't believe it. She described Jenna as being good to her friends -- though she said Jenna often skipped class and got into fights.

"She's not all there," the classmate said. "I never could pinpoint what it was, but she is off."

As of Wednesday, Jenna is charged with probation violation. No word yet on what charges she may face relating to baby Jackson's death.

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