Fountains at Farah project crosses midway point

     Anyone who has driven down Interstate 10 on the East Side of El Paso lately probably couldn't help but notice the progress being made on the new Fountains at Farah lifestyle shopping center.

     The massive project is located just off of Interstate 10 along Gateway West between Hawkins and Viscount Boulevard, just across from Cielo Vista mall.

    The Fountains at Farah promises to be a shopping experience like no other in El Paso.

     ABC-7 got its hands on aerial photos of the construction site over the past eight months and the progress has been nothing short of amazing.

     From the time the first wall was propped into place back in October, development of the $70 million site, which will feature 600,000 square feet of retail space, has been buzzing right along.

     The Fountains at Farah is scheduled to open by October of this year, which is just more than nine months away. It is right on schedule at this point, according to West Miller of Centergy, a Dallas-based retail shopping center developer which is involved with the project along with Western Refining's Paul Foster.

     It will feature 30 buildings and 60 to 80 tenants, according to Miller.

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