Fort Bliss commissary reopens

Fort Bliss commissary reopens

EL PASO, Texas - The Fort Bliss commissary opened Monday morning.

The government shutdown forced the commissary to close last week. 

Dozens took advantage of discounted prices on perishable goods so they would not spoil.

Military families and veterans ABC-7 spoke with said they would feel the impact if the commissary remained closed long enough.

Many of them said they take advantage of "at-cost" prices on certain food items. Products at the commissary are tax-free.

A majority of civilian workers are also expected to return to work at Fort Bliss this week.

Over the weekend, Congress passed and President Barack Obama signed the 'Pay Our Military Act'.

It allows civilians who contribute to the morale of the military to return to work.

Fort Bliss officials have not announced when some civilian workers may return.

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