Fort Bliss cautions drivers about training exercise

EL PASO, Texas - Soldiers at Fort Bliss are taking part in a training exercise that creates real-life scenarios to prepare troops for deployment.

The training requires convoys of military vehicles to travel to nearby training centers, forcing them on U.S. Highway 54. Fort Bliss officials want to caution drivers to look out for military vehicles.

Training exercises continue until August 2.

Officials said Fort Bliss is an ideal location for training because of the similar climate and terrain in the middle east.

Jose Moreno, Deputy Safety Director of 1st Armored Division said the post is taking precaution to alert drivers when military vehicles are driving through or crossing US-54.

Moreno said military police officers will be on-site helping control traffic and caution signs will be posted.

Heavy military presence can be expected between 5-7am and 5-7pm daily on the northbound and southbound lanes of US-54 to Highway 506 in New Mexico.

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