Former UTEP football player participating in X Factor talent show

EL PASO, Texas - At 6-foot-0 and 285 pounds, Isaac Tauaefa looked pretty intimidating as he went after opponents while he played on the defensive line for UTEP.

It's a sharp contrast from the swooning and sweet voice he has when he sings on his YouTube videos, whether it's a Jackson 5 or Adele cover. He even performs original songs.

Isaac is participating on the third season of the X Factor USA talent show currently airing on Fox. The next episode airs tonight and will include the process of cutting the contestants down from 200 to 40.

How will Isaac do? Well, a source told ABC-7 last month that the X Factor filmed promo shots of Isaac in El Paso so that might be a good omen.

Last week, Isaac posted on his fan page a little bit about the show.

"Just a little reminder to all my family, friends, and fans: watch the show (week of Sept. 14) and please be patient! There were tens of thousands of people that auditioned for the show and so they have a huge job on their plate trying to decide what to show. But I guarantee at some point, you'll see you are all so generous and thoughtful and it means the world to me that you're behind me. For my friends from high school: I still remember each and every one of you and the impact y'all had on me resonates through what I do and drives me to succeed. I've missed you, and I'm blessed to have your support! Because no matter what, my music will thrive (with or without the show), if I continue to have your generous support. Much love to each of you. God bless you today and remember to just keep an eye out and be patient. Thank you all so much!" he wrote.

ABC-7 sent Isaac a Facebook message to seek comment on his singing and participation on the X Factor but a response has not been received.

Isaac started his UTEP football career in 2009 but suffered a serious knee injury early in the 2010 season that kept him out of the 2011 season, too.

Watch Isaac perform: Jackson 5's I Want You Back.

Cover of Adele's Someone Like You

And here is an original of Isaac's called I Don't Mind.

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