Former EPISD Title 1 director resigns

Ex-EPISD Title 1 director resigns

El Paso, Texas - "Was it expected? In some ways yes," EPISD Interim Super Intendent Vernon Butler told ABC-7.

 The resignation made everything easier for both parties.

"Rather than go through long issues and battles sometimes employees in any organization it's in their best interest," said Butler.

Myrna Gamboa was a Title One director.

Title 1 is a program that helps fund districts with federal money to meet the needs of educationally at risk--students.

Gamboa was eventually moved to administrative duties at EPISD's central office.

When asked if Myrna Gomboa was one of the six co-conspirators of Lorenzo Garcia's cheating scheme, Butler said, "I don't even know who those co-conspirators are out there".

But EPISD isn't planning on sitting back waiting for co-conspirators to resign.

"We hired a forensic consulting firm," said president of the board of trustees, Isela Castanon- Williams.

She told ABC-7 the consulting firm which consists of former FBI agents can push to the full extent of the law if they find any illegalities.

"If there is wrong doing they will bring it forth as it can be presented as evidence with our permission to prosecute", said Williams.

Even with the resignation of former Bowie principal, Jesus Chavez, earlier this week, coupled with Gamboa's resignation, Butler says there is still a long road ahead, "I think anytime you have a situation as deep as it is here in this district it's going to take some time."

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