Former EPISD employees to be criminally investigated

Their certifications could be revoked, sanctioned, suspended and put on probation.

EPISD Investigation

EL PASO, Texas - It started late last year, when high-ranking employees close to imprisoned former superintendent Lorenzo Garcia and Bowie High began leaving EPISD. Some retired, some resigned and some were fired. But because of a school board decision, the conduct of all these administrators will be reviewed by State Board of Educators and District Attorney Jaime Esparza.

Those who resigned include former Chief of Staff and Garcia's right-hand Terri Jordan, former Bowie High Principal Jesus Chavez and former director of Priority Schools Divison Myrna Gamboa.

The retirees are Associate Superintendent of Elementary Schools Maria Flores, who's last day is on Friday, former Bowie High Assistant Principal Johnnie Vega.

And just this month former Bowie High Assistant Principal Anna Luisa Kell was fired, and the termination process for James Anderson, the Assistant Superintendent of High Schools, has begun.

The security of all these administrator's educators certifications are now at risk. The DA is conducting it's own criminal investigation, but the State Board will review the evidence as well and determine whether their certification could be revoked, non-renewable, sanctioned, suspended and put on probation.

If any of these administrators' certifications are revoked or somehow tainted by the end of this investigation, they can always move to another state and reapply. But some states have reciprocity agreements, such as New Mexico, and may not welcome their credentials.

All these administrators will be able to access their benefits from the Texas Retirement System regardless of what happens.  

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