Former Andress football coach Sepkowitz not surprised to hear news of Andre Jones' death

El Paso, TEXAS - Allan Sepkowitz said he wasn't surprised to hear that Andre Jones life was cut too short.

Jones who was a stand out defensive tackle at Andress High School was found dead in an El Paso hotel room at the age of 24.

"Just seemed like his path was earmarked for something drastic to happen," former Andress football coach Sepkowitz said. "He worked his way out of the friends he knew if El Paso, and went with people who took him down wrong paths."

Jones was a Parade All-American, a can't miss recruit, and his talent on the field earned him a scholarship to play at Texas. During his freshman year though, Jones was arrested for suspicion of burglary.

"I remember when we got him as a freshman, and he was bigger and better than any of our seniors," Sepkowitz said. "He was very competitive, and we knew after his first game of freshman football that kid deserved to be on varsity."

After that first game on the Andress freshman football team, he started every other game of his high school career on the varsity team. Coach Sepkowitz believed he didn't just have talent to play at the major collegiate level, but in the NFL as well.

"I probably spoke to him about three years ago when he was at Charleston State," Sepkowitz explained. "He was doing well, still had the NFL on his mind, but was released from the team, but when he came back to El Paso we never heard from him."

Coach Sepkowitz expressed that he wished his former stud recruit would have reached out to him.

Unfortunately, it never happened.

-Asher Wildman

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