Food trucks benefitting from Neon Desert sales

Neon Desert Preview

EL PASO, Texas - The sixth annual Neon Desert Music Festival is expecting it's biggest lineup yet with big music acts such as Foster the People, Migos, Logic, Nelly, Lil Uzi Vert among many others.

Around 15,000 fans are expected to be at the music festival both days, which in turn has allowed several food trucks take advantage of the economic opportunities.

"It has had a significant impact on our business," Angel Hernandez, owner of Eve's Sinfully Good Sandwiches said. "We are hoping to increase our sales by 10 percent, and we are trying to do that by pushing out food faster. The lines get pretty long because there are so many people there, and they do a good job by limiting vendors so everyone makes money."

This is the second year for Hernandez selling during the festival and said the big acts have attracted so many fans, business is always busy during the entire weekend. While it does cost food trucks $1,200 to land a spot on the property, the return is always worth it.

"It has been very successful for us and we hope to continue that success going forward," Hernandez said. "It has been really good so far."

For a full list of all artists for the final weekend in May, click here.

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