Flu cases increasing in Texas

EL PASO, Texas - The rate of flu case has jumped 40 percent since the month of October.

According to the Texas Department of Health Services Texas is barely hitting the peak of the flu season.

"The feeling of weakness and the powerlessness you feel," said one man enjoying the day at Kern Park.

That's what many people across the United States are experiencing.

The Center for Disease Control is reporting flu activity increasing in the United States.

Last week the center claimed 25 states had reported cases of the flu, this week 35 states.

The city of Dallas alone has seen 26 flu related deaths.

"I'm the person with the antibacterial goo on my desk and the wipes and the lysol," said El Paso resident Lena Flores.

She has already seen the effects the flu has had in her community.

"I've encountered a lot of people with the flu this winter, we've had 3 people out at work," said Flores.

University Medical Center confirmed 40 cases of the flu from December to the beginning of January.

All together the health department has told ABC-7 the city of El Paso has seen 572 cases of the flu.

The State Health department is making these common-sense recommendations to Texans once again:

Get a flu shot.

Wash your hands frequently with soap and warm water.

And don't go to work if you're sick.

"Usually when we have someone sick like that at work we send them home, we tell them we don't want to get sick you go home and get better," said Flores.

According to the Department of Health Services in Texas, the influenza activity peaks in January or February,

They strongly urge everyone to get the flu vaccine.

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