Flight Delays Have Yet to Hit El Paso

FAA staffing cutbacks cause delays, borderland unaffected so far

Flight delays have yet to hit El Paso

EL PASO, Texas - Government cutbacks are affecting airports and flyers across the country today.  Sunday's hundreds of flight delays are being blamed on air traffic controller furloughs.
El Paso hasn't seen the effects like other airports across the country have this week.
On Monday, flights departed and landed for the most part "on time" at the El Paso International Airport.
An FAA spokesman says about 400 flights were delayed as a result of the mandatory air traffic controller furloughs on Sunday across the country.
FAA spokesman Lynn Lunsford says Texas and New Mexico aren't expected to see serious delays on a daily basis, but the borderland isn't totally in the clear just yet.
"It's possible that delays could still affect flight schedules," Lundsford said. "In general, 10 percent of controllers at any facility are on furlough each day."
Airline passengers arriving in El Paso today said they had not experience any travel delays. 

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