Fireworks: Where Are They Allowed And Banned?

Popping Fireworks In Banned Areas Can Result In Confiscation, Fine

Independence Day is Sunday and ABC-7 is answering your questions about where you can and cannot set off fireworks.

The clock is ticking fast and racing like a bottle rocket towards America's birthday celebration. But are you one of the many confused and missing a spark when it comes to where you can light fireworks?

Tony Natera says like many, he doesn't know where the fireworks are allowed. Instead, he has a different method of staying out of trouble: "Anywhere where the police officers don't see me, really," he says.

As you can imagine, that isn't something that is suggested. Araceli Peimbert knows a little better. "I know in Socorro you can't pop 'em. I think you can pop 'em in San Eli, and Clint," she says.

In El Paso County, fireworks are allowed in certain parts of Canutillo on the west end. They're also allowed in San Elizario, Clint, Fabens, Tornillo, and Montana Vista.

But fireworks are banned in Westway, Vinton, the City of El Paso, Horizon City, and Socorro.

Here's why it's tricky to find out where you can pop them. In Eastlake near Horizon City, you can pop them along most of Eastlake until you get to Darrington. Anything north of that - it's a no-no and can cost you a fine.

El Paso ESD Number 2 Inspector Roger Esparza says if you're still confused, you should just ask the people selling you the fireworks. "The best thing to do - ask them; if they don't know, feel free to call the fire department and ask," he says.

If you're caught popping fireworks where you aren't supposed to, you can get them taken away, and in the worst case scenario, you could even face a $500 fine.

Link: Fireworks 101

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