Fireworks fly on Tigua reservation for the 4th

Fireworks fly in Socorro

Celebrations for the 4th of July continued into the night around the Borderland, though some were louder than others.

At the Socorro Entertainment Center in the Lower Valley, the bombs really were bursting in air all night. The Tigua reservation is one of the few places in the region where fireworks sales aren't being restricted, and people were lighting them off constantly since sundown on the 4th. A water park and concerts inside also brought out people, but the main draw was the fireworks.

Socorro Entertainment Center's own big show drew the gaze of many, but people were lighting off their own sparklers, fountains, bottle rockets and shells all day.

Staff at the entertainment center said that sales got off to a slow start during the day. But some people were stocking up for after sun down, including one family that bought over $900 in firework as part of their family traditions

The constant pops and booms on the reservation created enough smoke and gunpowder smell to blanket the entire area at times. Those buying their own fireworks could only shoot them on the reservation, as they're still banned most other places in the region, where you could face confiscations and fines.

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