Fighting Heart Disease: Del Sol unveils new Hybrid Cardiovascular Operating Room

Hybrid Cardiovascular Operating Room

Del Sol Medical Center opened it doors to El Paso's newest and largest Hybrid Cardiovascular Operating Room.

The $3.5 million dollar state-of-the-art facility is expected to provide faster and more efficient cardiac treatment to  patients. It helps cardiovascular surgeons and interventionists perform advanced invasive procedures with the lowest dosage of radiation possible.

The system will be a combination of a cardiac catheterization lab and and operating room.
Cardiologist Oscar Munoz, who works with the new hybrid OR's FlexMove system at Del Sol, said "having this type of unit is one of the  tools we have to do really complex procedures with quality."
The Hybrid OR will combine high quality X-ray imaging during cardiac procedures for the surgeon. The unit helps physicians achieve excellent visibility for a more efficient cardiovascular procedures.

Munoz said it provides better safety for the patients and before this unit most of their patients had to be sent out of town for more complex procedures.

Th new system will also provide advanced technology to help in the diagnosis and treatment of a range of patient conditions. It cannot be offered in all hospitals but Del Sol Medical Center is already operational.

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