Feb. 2014: Fort Bliss soldier charged with capital murder in death of his baby son

EL PASO, Texas - Feb. 2014 Story

A 22-year-old Fort Bliss soldier is accused of capital murder in the death of his 11-month-old son, Aiden.

El Paso police say Adam Keith Jackson was booked into the county jail.  

The investigation began February 8, when paramedics responded to the apartment after the baby was unresponsive. Baby Aiden was taken to the El Paso Children's Hospital where doctors pronounced him dead, police said.

As they examined him, police said doctors found the baby's skull was fractured and he had injuries to his throat and ankle.

Detectives believe the injuries occurred the previous day, when Aiden's mother left him in the care of his father.

Police arrested Adam Keith Jackson at the county courthouse Monday while he attended a custody hearing, though it is unclear who the hearing involved.

Facebook postings for Jackson's wife, Lexi, show she has an older daughter.

Her public page displays heart-wrenching thoughts directed at her baby son.

"Dear, Aiden Keith Jackson," she wrote, "I love you so much son, I cnt explain how hurt I am right now by this I jus wish I could've seen u an held u one last time momie && daddy kno ur in a better place we never wanted u to leave us but god called u hme today baby && all we can do is b strong ... "

Aiden was laid to rest Saturday, February 22nd, according to information posted on Facebook. A photo of a small graveside decorated with blue balloons mark also what would've been Aiden's first birthday the next day, February 23rd.

His father was arrested and charged the next day.

Lt. Col. Lee Peters, a Fort Bliss spokesman, confirmed Jackson is a private first class. In a statement, he said the post would not release more information because it is an active investigation, but said military officials are working with police.

"As this occurred off Fort Bliss, we are cooperating with the El Paso Police Department as they maintain jurisdiction in this case," Peters said.

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