FBI Director James Comey visits El Paso

EL PASO, Texas - He's been on the job about four months and Friday he stopped in El Paso.

FBI Director James Comey was making his first visit to the Sun City and met with the El Paso office's staff to hear their concerns.

He also met with local law enforcement to find out what's working and how to strengthen that relationship.
ABC-7 asked Comey about things like the El Paso ISD cheating scandal and those still unnamed co-conspirators in the public corruption scandal.
Corney wouldn't answer any specific questions, however, he did speak generally about the on-going fight against public corruption.

"one of the things we've learned from doing that work is it's important to stay on it," Corney said. "If you find a culture that is corrupt or has a significant amount of corruption you have to stay after it to drive change into that culture.  So, people don't think it was a flavor of the day and decide to be tempted again."

Corney says the FBI's main focus continues to be counter-terrorism and his biggest worry each morning is the threat of homegrown extremists.

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