FBI arrest 3 in alleged assault on Fort Bliss

EL PASO, Texas - Two men and a woman who were arrested by the FBI on Monday had their initial appearances before a federal magistrate judge on Tuesday.

The two men, identified as Bianco Murray and Sherman McGhee, are charged with assault resulting in bodily injury. The woman, identified as Veronica Logan, was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon with intent to do harm.

McGhee and Logan were U.S. Army soldiers at the time of the alleged assaults, while Bianco was a civilian.

The three face up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine each if they are found guilty of the charges. No further details are available because the indictments against the three remained sealed on Tuesday afternoon.

They will remain in jail until their next hearing on April 1 in El Paso's federal court.

El Paso defense attorney Jim Darnell, who is representing Logan, told ABC-7 an investigation they did shows she is not guilty, and he added that the three acted in self-defense after they were attacked.

Fort Bliss spokesman Maj. Joseph Buccino said the incident happened on Thanksgiving weekend on post last year and that the soldiers involved are still protected under the Uniform Code of Military Justice despite the fact that they were indicted in a U.S. federal court.

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