Family of Isaiah Villanueva commemorate his 3rd birthday

Family of Isaiah Villanueva commemorate his birthday

El Paso, Texas - Isaiah Villanueva was only two years old when police say he was killed by his mother's boyfriend.

The boyfriend, 29 year old Ever Mendez, is charged with capital murder. 

Saturday Isaiah's family, took birthday balloons to his gravesite.

Only five short months have passed since little Isaiah was beaten to death.

As hard as it's been for his family to forget the horrific way he was killed, Saturday afternoon they were forced to remember on Isaiah's birthday.

It could've been any little boy's birthday party, with balloons, kids singing and even spongebob SqurePants.

But the one who was supposed to be blowing out the candles won't see his cake.

"I loved him so much and I still do," said Isaiah's grandmother,Elizabeth Escarsega, who remembers him like it was yesterday.

"He was a very loving little boy. He always liked to play a lot and color," said Escarsega.

Isaiah's life was cut short on May 11 of this year.

The ABC-7 I-team obtained police records after Isaiah was killed.

According to the documents, the little boy was hit in the stomach until he was dead.

Arrest records state Ever Mendez admitted to hitting Isaiah.

"He would have been three," Isaiah's aunt, Priscilla Hernandez said.

 She's reminded of her nephew everywhere she looks.

"His smiles, his laugh, we remember him most when we see little kids with his glasses he used to wear," said Hernandez.

The family placed Isaiah's picture on top of his grave marker.

His photo rests adorned by flowers, surrounded by birthday wishes and pictures of his favorite cartoon character SpongeBob SquarePants.

Kneeling by his side, family members miss the little boy.

"We've been coping day by day," said Hernandez.

Before they leave, they remember the birthday wish they'll never have: For Isiaiah to come back home.

And since he can't, they'll send his balloons up to him.

The family tells ABC-7 Isaiah's murder was senseless and they urge anyone, if they have a suspicion of a child being abused, to report it immediately to prevent a tragic death like Isaiah's.

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