Family of 3 treated for carbon monoxide poisoning; mother in intensive care

EL PASO, Texas - A family of three was transported to Las Palmas Medical Center Friday morning to be treated for carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning.

At about 7:01 a.m. Friday, El Paso firefighters responded to a medical call on the 3200 block of Sal Berroteran Drive after a family member called 911 to report that his wife, 15-year-old son , and 14-year-old daughter were found in their bedrooms with symptoms that appeared to be CO poisoning.

At this time, both teenage children have been released from the hospital and their mother remains in intensive care, according to fire officials.

Fire department officials say a gasoline-powered electric generator was found to be in operation all night inside the garage releasing a high level of CO into the home.

The generator was the sole power source for the home.

The CO levels detected by firefighters were found to be high enough to cause the poisoning of the three occupants.

The El Paso Fire Department is reminding the public to never use portable generators inside homes or garages, even if doors and windows are open. Use generators outside only and far away from the home.

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