Family, friends remember an El Paso teen killed in a wreck

An El Paso teen dies following a wreck in west El Paso

Family grieves 16-year old killed in crash

EL PASO, Texas - Roxanna Ladron de Guevara didn't get the chance to live long, but her family and friends said she was mature beyond her years.

Ladron de Guevara died following a car crash that occurred in west El Paso Friday afternoon.

Her friends called her extraoridary, giving and caring. At 16 years old, she was already earning college credit through Northwest Early College. She was also active within her church.

"She was so beautiful, I can show you pictures," said Alejandro Ladron de Guevara, pointing to pictures of his daughter. "But her inner beauty was the most important. She always worked hard for her goals."

Roxanna's father explained to ABC-7 that his daughter's name means "dawn." For her, the "dawn" of her life was a long way away, but she'd shone a lot of light already.

Ladron de Guevara may have been young, but she taught those around her. As early as elementary school, her father says she would plead with teachers to give her more lessons. He himself admitted that he'd try to teach her things, but in her own way she'd find a way to educate him along the way.

"She was the best of us, no doubt," said Alejandro. "We were so priviledged to have her."

Police have continued the investigation into how Ladron de Guevara died. Her body hasn't been returned to the funeral home yet.

Initial police reports indicated that the driver of the car Ladron de Guevara was in did not stop at a stop sign. However, Ladron de Guevara's family said they have no ill will towards the 18-year-old who was behind the wheel. They said he wouldn't have done anything to harm their daughter.

While police continue to investigate, Roxanna's classmates are finding it hard to believe they've lost such a beautiful person.

"She was funny, nice, smart and caring," said Aylin Tafoya. "It's a tragedy that we will no longer be able to share our futures with her. She had great potential to do lots of great things."

Another friend, Faith Hardy, said Roxanna was "(the) most purest soul out of all of us. She was always giving and never expected anything in return."

Her father said her giving nature was among her best qualities. If pushed, she'd ask for items worth dollars. Her father struggled to remember an extravagant gifts she'd ever asked for. The biggest gift he remembered was a pair of skates she asked for when she forgot to pack hers before a trip to California.

Just hours before hear death, Roxanna had skated.

"I was thinking the other day that one angel came to earth looking for the most beautiful thing, and that day she found Roxanna," said Alejandro crying softly.

Roxanna sent her parents a text message moments before the car crash. She said she loved them, and let them know where she was. Her father responded telling her to "be happy." She never got the chance to read the message, but her father said, "she always was."

A vigil will be held for Roxanna on January 7.  Students are planning a 7 p.m. event at Roxanna's school, Northwest Early College.

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