Family comes together to support member going through breast cancer treatment

EL PASO, Texas - The love of a family is life's greatest blessing.

You've probably read that on a picture frame or greeting card.

At a recent gathering, a Lower Valley family showed how true the statement is.

One by one they walked into the home sporting multi-colored silk scarves and hats.

Marylou Juarez was diagnosed with breast cancer five months ago and had her right breast removed - and she didn't feel pretty.

But she's not alone in her journey. Fifteen siblings, sons, brothers-n-law and grandaughter shaved their heads in solidarity to show her that beauty is only skin deep.

Marylou's oldest daughter Sandra admits she doesn't have the courage to shave her head but she's helping in other ways.

Sandra is grateful that her family has come together to help her mom feel pretty again.

"I see the difference. When she's smiling now she doesn't feel as bad with her hair short because everyone else is doing it, and it's wonderful," Sandra said.
Over the weekend, they posed for pictures that will capture these special moments.

But beyond the hugs, and smiles and laughter, is a valuable lesson.

"In her way she's telling us to listen to our bodies and she's giving us the courage to believe in family," Sandra said.

And that family is a circle of strength and love especially during cancer.

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