Families stuck at Tramway Sunday, no injuries reported

Families stuck at Wyler Aerial Tramway Sunday

EL PASO, Texas - The 31 people who were stuck at the Wyler Aerial Tramway at Franklin Mountains State Park were all successfully rescued by 10:22 p.m., according to El Paso Fire Department, and there were no injuries.

EPFD (@EPTXFire) tweeted on Sunday evening that the Wyler Aerial Tramway broke down around 6 p.m., and 31 people had to be rescued off the Franklin Mountains.

First reports made it seem like the tram experienced a power outage, but a fire chief on scene of the nighttime rescue said that they believe something happened to the motor.

The six people who were inside the gondola were manually brought down. The 25 people left on top at the 360-degree view deck had to hike about a mile distance before they met up with vehicles and were driven down.

Many of the people stranded were families, with infants and children with them. They also were not prepared for hiking, with many in sandals and summertime clothing. One woman was out of breath when she was brought down to the rescue area near Rim Road and Robinson Ave.

"It was my second time up there. I probably won't be back," one man said after he was safely rescued off the mountain.

Everyone was checked by paramedics once they were safely brought down the mountain. There were no transports to local hospitals. Tune into Good Morning El Paso for the latest information.

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