Police stated that they were unable to locate Conway but learned she had checked into the hotel room the night before.

Police were led to the hotel room by Larry Condra, the hotel’s manager.

The report states police found Jones “laying face up on top of the bed and not responding. Officer Lopez checked for a pulse but was met with negative results.”

Police contacted Jones’ girlfriend, Ruby Soto, 28.

Soto told police that Jones “had been using spice in the last week and would even call him to see how [Jones] was doing.”

Soto also told police that two days before Jones died she found him passed out in his truck.

She told police she had to slap him on the face to wake him up.

According to the police report, Soto said she “knew he was on spice.”

Soto told police “that she had been arguing with him lately because he kept doing drugs.”

A Mother's Plea To Other Children

"They take that one trip. They think ... 'are they going to come back from that trip?' Because they call it a trip," O'neal said. "Well, my son didn't. I don't know what caused it. We don't know yet. All I ask is, whatever the reasons, he's passed away. It don't matter to me no more. The only thing that matters - I won't see my son tomorrow."

Crying, O'Neal asked children who might be doing drugs seek help before it's too late.

"And to parents, kids who are out there doing the same thing, I'm asking you, either seek help, talk to your parents, talk to your friends - get help. But don't end up like my son," O'Neal said. "Don't make your parents go through what I'm going through right now, OK? And that's what I have to tell these kids because this is not what I ever thought I would end up doing - burying my son because of this."