Ex-rapper wants to change guilty plea on sex charges; said he pled guilty for 'baby mama' and kids

EL PASO, Texas - A former rapper wants to withdraw his guilty plea for his part in a sex trafficking ring.

Alarcon Allen Wiggins – the CEO of a Baltimore-based recording company – and nine other Baltimore residents, including the two mothers of his children were charged in late 2011 with conspiracy, sex trafficking and forced labor charges.
is facing conspiracy, sex trafficking and forced labor charges.

At a hearing on Thursday in federal court in Downtown El Paso he wanted to withdraw his guilty plea, saying he was forced by public defense attorneys to plead guilty.

Wiggins said previous defense lawyers told him it was hopeless to not plead guilty.

"I was told, If I love my kids and my baby mama I'd plead guilty," Wiggins said on the stand on Thursday.  "I felt pressured. I felt like my back was against the wall."

According to prosecutors, Wiggins would lure women to El Paso then force them into prostitution.

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