Everything set for "Celebration of Lights" in downtown

EL PASO, Texas - The 77th Annual "Celebration of Lights" in downtown El Paso is this Saturday.

The celebration begins at 4:30 p.m., and lasts until the end of the firework show, which begins at 7:15 p.m.

Decorating for the celebration began early, and took a lot of manpower.

"This used to be my trade, I'm a retired firefighter, but this was my second job," Ramon Lopez Jr. said.

Lopez is referring to his passion for painting.

He has been painting signs for the Thanksgiving parade for 25 years.

This year, he painted the new logo for the "Celebration of Lights."

This Saturday the 54-foot Afghan pine has been decorated with nearly 11,000 lights, and more than 500 ornaments.

Sixteen trees within San Jacinto Plaza were decorated with 500 bulbs each, 21 sidewalk trees were decorated with 600 bulbs each, and 11 palm trees were decorated with 500 bulbs each.

The tree lighting begins at 5:50 p.m., and the parade starts immediately after.

Last year around 78,000 people were in attendance. 

Another large crowd is expected this year.

ABC-7 will have live coverage of all the evenings' events on El Paso- Las Cruces CW, digital channel 7.2 on the air, channel 13 on Time Warner Cable, and channel 14 on Comcast Cable. 

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