EPPD requesting amendment to cell phone ordinance for secondhand stores

EPPD requesting changes in secondhand ordinance

EL PASO, Texas - Secondhand stores may soon operate under new laws regarding the acceptance and resale of cell phones. First, El Paso City Council must approve amendments during the current ordinance.

El Paso Police Department Assistant Chief Michelle Gardner says under current law, businesses must have a permit and hold items for 20 days before resale. If council approves changes, the number of days would be decreased to current Federal Communications Commission laws.

Dave's Pawn Shop in downtown El Paso stopped taking cell phones years ago because of strict laws. A worker told ABC-7 that it was difficult to verify that the phone was not stolen, and if they were brought in without charges, the phones would soon lose their battery power.

If amendments are passed, record-keeping will still need to be done by businesses that accept cell phones. They must also check a national database to make sure the device is not lost or stolen.

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