EPPD arrests woman at her home on DWI charges

SUV crashed into neighbor's yard

EL PASO, Texas - A woman is behind bars, accused of hitting a vehicle and then crashing into the front yard of a home.The crash happened just before 1 am on the 78-hundred block of Hermosillo drive in El Paso's lower valley.

Neighbors tell us the woman driving the SUV first hit a parked van before losing control and ending up in the yard. A woman who lives at the home where the crash happened said the driver smelled of alcohol and asked to use the phone. But when she was told to wait for police, she left the scene.

Another neighbor followed the woman two blocks south to Hacienda Ave where she apparently lives. After police arrived at the scene of the crash, they then went to arrest her at the home on Hacienda. The woman was brought back to the scene of the crash, handcuffed and taken into custody.

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