EL PASO, Texas -

The El Paso Independent School District's newly elected trustees are speaking out once again. They insist, just because the board of managers is in charge, doesn't mean they can't have a role.

At Tuesday's board meeting, trustee Susie Byrd requested the board of managers make room on next meeting's agenda to discuss how the elected trustees can be better included.

TEA Commissioner Michael Williams installed the board of managers in May and said the new trustees elected just a month later would be treated no different than members of the public.

"The board of managers will be in place for the next two years," said President Dee Margo. "But to the extent that we can assist in the transition, sure, you bet."

Margo granted Byrd's request and is going to put an item on next meeting's agenda to discuss how they can include trustees.

Byrd is recommending the board email trustees notices of coming meetings, agendas and alerts on hot button issues. She says being in "the know" will groom trustees to take over after the board of managers steps down.

"If we're given really a full opportunity to engage for the next year and a half in training, and engaging, we'll be a really great board," Byrd said. "But if at the end of their term they're like surprise your're the new board, i don't think that benefits the students or the district."

Elected trustee Chuck Taylor said this is not enough. He continues to pursuit his lawsuit against Margo and Williams, saying they violated the law by not swearing him into office:

"He told me I was just an ordinary citizen and I had no status," Taylor said. "That I didn't accept. Seat me in my office so i can then start to exercise the prerogatives of that office for the public that put me in that office."

The TEA did not respond in time for this report.