EPISD board discusses health care; James Anderson resignation accepted

Employees say they can't afford care under TRS Active Care

EL PASO, Texas - The El Paso Independent School District board accepted the resignation of former Assistant Superintendent of High Schools James Anderson. 

The board voted to begin the termination process for Anderson earlier this year. Anderson allegedly was involved in the district cheating scandal. 

The board also discussed contributing more to their employees health coverage under TRS Active Care. 

Employees have complained about the coverage since it was adopted in 2011. The board said at Tuesday's meeting they want to help with expenses and rate increases that range between 9-25 percent. 

They initially were considering contributing about $2.2 million more, or about $50 more per employee. They current contribute about $320 toward employee premiums. 

The board members decided to increase the contribution to $6.5 million, but before voting on it, they requested the motion be tabled. It will now go back to administration for more cost analysis. 

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