EP Diocese still waiting on a bishop

The discernment process isn't something you want to rush.

El Paso bishop update

EL PASO, Texas -
Queen of Peace attendee Yvonne Salcido wants the Vatican to appoint an aggressive bishop to the Diocese of El Paso, someone who will stick by the issues of the Catholic teachings.

"Instead of just teaching every Sunday from the Bible or philosophy, I think they need to talk about the issues of the world because that's what's affecting us," Salcido said.

It's been over a year since Bishop Armando Ochoa was reassigned to the Archdiocese of Fresno. While he's still actively administrating the diocese, he hasn't been present in El Paso.

"You can't just send the Holy father a tweet and say what's up with our Bishop," said social justice activist Ouisa Davis.

The discernment process isn't something you want to rush according to Davis. She says the Papel Nuncio will consult with the college of Cardinals, then the Vatican will determine who the best leader is -- a process that could take over two years. Not only that, but she says there's a shortage of priests. Right now 27 dioceses are vacant or past the retirement age of 75.

"We think we should have a say in this but that's not how the Catholic church works," Davis said. "It's not a democracy."

Although Davis says she's prefer a bishop who supports social justice and can build the tri-diocesen community with Las Cruces and Juarez. But regardless, right now is the time to wait.

"As long as the seat is vacant there's an administrator and it's our former bishop and things are plugging along and everyone's good," Davis said.

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