EP-CON promoter responds to actor's accusations, other 'negativity'

EL PASO, Texas - Julian Lawler, promoter of El Paso Comic Con 2012 (EP-CON) released the following statement in response to actor Michael Biehn's accusation that he was not paid the full amount of guaranteed money as per contract. Read that article here.

"The People vs El Paso Comic Con

There has been a lot of commotion and drama surrounding El Paso Comic Con beginning with Dave Prowse and ending with reports of Michael Biehn not getting paid. As an entity we have remained silent and tried to stay out of it but it seems we cannot continue without releasing some kind of statement....

Michael Biehn was offered a chance to get paid FIRST.....they threw a fit because it was going to be a check and not CASH (although it was never stated in the contract it had to be cash). When they realized they were at the tail end of the process they decided to take the money and run but it was too late. Due to low attendance we didn't have enough funds to pay him his fees anymore. Its at this point that not only was he threatening to me, he proceeded to try and break into the ticketmaster office and assaulted the event manager from the El Paso Convention Center. He almost got arrested (three times) except I, Julian Lawler, asked the convention center staff not to have him arrested. I explained I didn't want it coming out Michael Biehn was arrested in El Paso. It was an hour or so later the convention center staff had me escorted out of the building.

On another note, I would like to address all the negativity on our FB page. Some of the special guests at the convention were very aware of what was transpiring on the El Paso Comic Con FB page. All the bad comments and negativity didn't make them feel welcomed at all. One in particular remarked, "don't they know this is a national event?"

Apparently not....

We have worked tirelessly for three years on this event and have made very little money (we've continued working diligently even when others have benefitted the most because we know what this event could potentially mean to the city). Everyone on the staff still has a full time job....And I think it's a disservice to them and everyone else who has worked extremely hard to bring this phenomenon to the Sun City and have them accused of being greedy. $35 dollars for three days averages out to $11.67 a day. The $40 dollar price for Saturday was to give everyone an incentive to attend ALL three days because every day has its own events. We have dedicated our services to all the local artists, bands, vendors and dancers who make this event happen. If you're only concern are the actors then the point was missed.

With that being said, on behalf of our family of partners and sponsors, El Paso Comic Con would like to thank the 3,400 attendees who came out and supported. You're the die-hards, the people that get it and we salute you. EPCON works for you and your passion.

In the case of the people vs El Paso Comic Con....they know who they chose.

Til further notice.....

Signing out,

Julian Lawler"

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