Jay-Z and Beyonce

No. 2: Virgo and Sagittarius

The free-spirited Archer's arrow will pierce the stable heart of the Virgo, but watch as Virgo turns the arrow on Sadge to burst his dream bubble.

These two signs will find themselves frequently at a crossroads, a stand off, and even arguing about the color of the sky. While Sadge will point out dreamy flecks of pink during a sensual sunset, Virgo will remain down to earth and discuss dominant blue.

When Sagittarius is ready to leap to the bottom of the deep blue sea, Virgo studies its practicality, putting much thought before putting one foot in front of the other. In love and bedroom antics, it's much the same. Virgo's virgin-like caution will take the sparks out of the moment for the eager Archer.

The only thing these two will agree on is that they disagree on just about everything.

Famous Virgo-Sagittarius couple: Beyonce (Virgo) and Jay Z (Sagittarius).

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker 2010 file photo

No. 1: Pisces and Taurus

In the world of opposites attracting, nothing could be closer to the truth with this pairing, and their differences are so polar opposite that there isn't much common ground.

Stubborn Taurus finds the impracticality of Pisces annoying, while the fish continually has to swim upstream to be heard by the bull who is perpetually right all the time. The dual Fish is always pulled in opposite directions when trying to make a decision; the frustrated Bull stomps its foot, flares its nostril and loses its temper.

Add to that Pisces bad habit of having an opinion about everything and the Bull's short fuse, and you have enough combustion for an implosion.

In the bedroom, Taurus is a tease, while Pisces wants things done right away when they want it. While the Bull will try to trample all over the Fish, Pisces will wriggle its way out of its tight grip. This is perhaps the most stressful love pairing in the entire zodiac.

Former famous Pisces-Taurus couples: Eva Longoria (Pisces) and Tony Parker (Taurus)