Our next Facebook group takes things a little less seriously, or at least we hope so ...

garden gnome statue

No. 2: Physics Doesn't Exist, It's All Gnomes

And you thought you had the world all figured out. If your theories don't include gnomes, well, this group says you're flat-out wrong.

The world is, in fact, run by gnomes, according to the "Physics Don't Exist, It's All Gnomes" Facebook group. Everything from electricity (tiny gnomes running around inside cables swapping messages and high fives) to computers (gnomes sitting inside your PC at a tiny desk) can be explained away with gnomes.

The group has attracted more than 80,000 gnome-loving Facebookers and even has an online Gnomopedia set up to explain everything from gravity and television to alcohol and food.

And if Facebook isn't enough to satisfy your gnome needs, you can also follow this group on Twitter through the @gnomopedia account.

Just think, you might just be the one to use gnome theory to crack some problem that has left scientists baffled for decades.

Or, you could start looking for love instead ...

heart-shaped pebble among other rocks

No. 1: Finding LOVE In All The Wrong Places

This is quite a fun group. Its creator has a nice poetic turn of phrase stating that "my heart skips a beat in the shape of chewing gum on the street."

The group's information page also includes a block of text that sets out the purpose of the group, stating "I see ... not dead people ... but love hearts hidden in this world of ours ... keep them peeled and see that love is all around ... a heart can be hidden in a cloud, a crisp packet or even a monkey's bum-bum [see profile pic] ... Take some evidence and add it ... ?"

The profile picture in question shows two monkeys grappling, and one of them is displaying a perfect pink heart shape on his (or her?) bottom.

The aim, then, is to find other unusual heart-shaped things and post photos of them! And the group's members have done just that, posting pictures of everything heart-shaped -- from potato chips and rain puddles to pancakes and earbud cords.

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