EL PASO, Texas -

New mental health care services will soon be coming to the Borderland.

Emergence Health Network is expanding its facility at 1600 Montana to provide psychiatric crisis services.

When it's completed in January, the extended observation unit at Emergence's central administration location will be the first of its kind in El Paso, according to its CEO.

The purpose of the new facility will be to get people who are in states of psychiatric crisis the right help, sooner. Before, people acting erratically, suicidal or experiencing other rapid changes in behavior would often be taken to the emergency room or be picked up by police and taken to jail.
The new 12 bed extended observation unit would allow police to bring individuals with sudden severe mental health issues directly to crisis stabilization services.
After examining potential patients, staff will have up to 48 hours to determine what further treatment may be necessary.

"So we're trying to divert people from more expensive and appropriate levels of care, and provide services to keep them stable and in the community," said Kristen Daugherty, Emergence CEO. "And El Paso does not have anything like that right now. and we believe that it will add to our efforts to better our behavioral health system, and provide the services that our community deserves."