El Pasoans react to President's gun control proposals

     ABC-7 gauged local reaction to President Obama's proposals regarding gun-control policies.

     Understandably, some were hesitant to speak about it, specially some of the local gun shop owners who are not sure at this point how it will affect them.

     Those who did speak with ABC-7 had a variety of responses to what the president has done with his executive actions and what he is proposing to do with the approval of Congress through his gun control proposals.

    Many felt the President's proposals for law-abiding citizens would have little effect because so many gun crimes are committed with stolen or unregistered weapons.

     Some called it just another infringement on our constitutional right to bear arms.

     Meanwhile, others said it's about time something was done to curb gun violence and were glad to hear that the President was attempting to do so in wake of last month's shooting that left 26 victims dead at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

     "All the laws in the world aren't going to change people from trying to get more bullets, more guns, whatever they can find," said El Pasoan Irene Uhrig.

     "I think that background checks and banning multiple cartridges are a good idea," said El Paso resident Alex Acosta, who has his concealed carry handgun license. "I think it makes sense."

     Acosta added that he was glad to hear that a couple of the President's executive orders deal with helping get better mental healthcare to young people.

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