El Pasoans help the homeless on Christmas

Rescue Mission serves the less fortunate

This Christmas, the Rescue Mission of El Paso offered a hot lunch for anyone that needed it. A number of El Pasoans stepped up to make helping the less fortunate a part of their holiday.

Those on the receiving end of the generosity say that it's things like this that help them overcome the obstacles in their lives, and get back on their feet, hopefully.

The Rescue Mission expected around 200 people for this year's Christmas lunch, down from previous years. Staff says that construction on near-by Paisano has hampered access to the Mission, making it harder for people to get there.

But most importantly, the Mission wants people to remember that while they appreciate the volunteers during the holidays, they're helping the homeless all year round. It's not just the holidays that they need help to help those in need.

Rescue Mission's Website:

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