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Yelp names El Paso restaurant best new restaurant in all of Texas

Yelp names El Paso restaurant best new restaurant in all of Texas

EL PASO, Texas - Texas is known for its barbecue, Mexican and Tex/Mex food.

But the best new restaurant in all the state may surprise you.

"El Paso got the number one restaurant in Texas, I'm like 'What Mexican restaurant is it?'" El Paso Yelp community ambassador Lisa Hernandez said. 

It's actually a Vietnamese restaurant located on the East Side. Yelp named Viet Restaurant, located on 1700 N. Zaragoza Rd., as the best new restaurant in Texas.

“When you see the recognition like this, you feel very good that you know you put the food out for people to try, and they enjoy every minute of it," manager Quyet Bui said.

Owner Hung Ngo opened the restaurant less than a year ago. To create the list, Yelp compiled data on restaurants based on a formula that takes into account the number of reviews and star ratings. Viet Restaurant had 86 5-star reviews.

“I would say it's been extremely busy," Bui said. "A lot of new customers, and a lot of returning customers.”

Bui said there's 46 items on the menu, including seven types of boba tea, and six desserts.

“The signature dish? you can throw a dart at any dish, and you can get an excellent entree," Bui said.

To view the full list compiled by Yelp, just click here.

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