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Veronica Escobar announces run for congress

Veronica Escobar announces run for congress

 Veronica Escobar supporters filled the lobby of the Mills building Saturday afternoon.

Many of them signing up for news letters and even donating contributions.

 As soon as Escobar made her appearance she was greeted by hugs.

Escobars daughter Eloisa began the formal speech.

A video message of support was also sent by Congressman Beto O' Rourke.

Once on the podium the county judge quickly stirred up the crowd.

"I want to represent this community in Washington D.C. in a place that needs our voice the most," Escobar said.

Escobar attributes El Paso and El Pasoans as the inspiration for her to run for congress.

"I love this community and the more that El Pasoans encouraged me and told me they were with me, the more inspired and energized I got. I couldn't not do it," Escobar said.

Escobar also spoke about healthcare on the border.

Escobar said at this point the system doesn't cover everyone and the burden falls on the tax payer.

"People deserve access to healthcare. We want a healthy workforce and we want a competitive workforce, that's what we deserve in this country," Escobar said.

Escobar will be running against two candidates; Nichole LeClair, a Navy veteran and Andress High School graduate. Also running for the seat -- former EPISD Board President Dori Fenenbock, who announced her run for congress this week.

"I think we are all very disgusted and frustrated with whats happening in our national government," Fenenbock told ABC-7 in June.

A sentiment Escobar agrees with. She didn't mince words when it comes to the Trump administration.

"There are deep divisions in this country right now and President Trump is fueling them and he is fueling hatred in many respects and dividing families and dividing communities and we need to fight back against that," Escobar told ABC-7.

When asked about her opponent Escobar said the competition is good for democracy

"I think El Paso needs contested races, that's what gets people out to vote. It's great to have those debates of ideas," Escobar said.


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