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Topgolf could spark local interest in golf

Topgolf inspiring new golfers...

El Paso, TX - Earlier today El Paso’s newest attraction, Topgolf, opened it’s doors to the public. El Paso has a great climate for golfing, but has a surprisingly low number of golf courses. So will Topgolf attract people outside the golf community?

"Don’t let the name of topgolf fool you'" says marketing director Samuel Horstman. "Topgolf is a place for everybody of all ages no matter your skill set. It’s really a great game for everybody. If golf is really not your game when you come out. Definitely come out and try our good food, our bar, we’ll be showing all our big games here.”


But could the exposure to the game that people experience at Topgolf inspire them to take up golf come out to local golf courses?

Mike Smith, a golf professional at Ascarate Golf Course, says,"We do hope that the golfers come out and play golf and take up the game seriously. Topgolf is gonna be a good starting point for these people to get into golf”. 

Some beginners may be concerned about golf's expensive reputation, however golf is not as expensive as many people think, especially here in El Paso.

Smith says, "I would say that the overall cost to play golf and to start up golf is not that much and we do lessons out here for kids for 12 dollars and 20 dollars so the expense is not that bad.”

If you wish to take up golf, Smith advises buying used clubs, he says that a decent full set can cost less than $100. In addition to the low cost of used clubs, the cost to play a full round at Ascarate Golf Course is actually cheaper than an hour long session at Topgolf.








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