El Paso

The Borderland Views the Partial Eclipse

Eclipse viewing parties around the Borderland

El Paso, TX - People of all ages gathered across the borderland to view the partial eclipse. While we were not in the path totality, more than sixty percent of the sun was blocked by the moon at the eclipse's maximum.

ABC-7's Kate Bieri reports from New Mexico State University where they used a telescope built by the late Clyde Tombaugh, the longtime NMSU Astronomy professor who discovered Pluto, to view the eclipse.

Viewers of all ages got to seethe eclipse in Las Cruces, from elementary school students to a man suffering from cancer who says this may be his last chance to experience this natural phenomenon.

El Paso schools also had their own eclipse viewing parties, complete with eclipse themed songs and food. ABC-7's JC Navarrete reports from St. Pius Catholic School.

The Transmountain campus of El Paso Community College also had an eclipse viewing event for people of all ages.


The next eclipse to cross the United States will be in 2024 and the borderland will have a much better view with the path of totality extending from Texas to Maine.

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