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The battle to save Duranguito continues one year later

A look back at the fight to save...

EL PASO, Texas - One year ago Friday marks the day the City of El Paso announced its plans to build a multi-purpose arena in the downtown neighborhood of Duranguito.

Since then, city officials are battling out with residents and supports of the neighborhood, including the Paso del Sur group, an organization created to oppose the city's of efforts of demolishing the neighborhood.

The announcement of the proposed arena site was made October 13 of last year and approved by city council several days later. The mulit-puprose arena was approved by voters in a 2012 bond election.

For an in-depth timeline of all the events since the announcement was made, click here.

In recent weeks, supporters of the Duranguito neighborhood have camped out in the area to protect some of the buildings that were demolished.

"I dont want to see them do this on their own. I want to see support and that's why I'm here," said Yahvi Pichardo of the remaining residents in Duranguito. He's also a member of the Paso del Sur group.

The city paid thousands of dollars to people living in Duranguito to move out. All but one homeowner and one renter have been relocated. 

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